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Welcome to the Laboratory Logbook


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Welcome to the sites of the Laboratory Logbook. LabLog is a free tool to document neuroscience projects and store metadata. It is meant to constitute a laboratory's long term memory for project related information.

Documenting Projects:

Project documentation is often done in rather individual ways by the different persons working in a lab. Sometimes laboratory journals are little more than a loose collection of notes. This can be problematic from the individual scientists point of view and is definitely a problem for a laboratory with a constant flow of researchers coming and going.


check the news page if you want to know what's going on...

Storing Metadata:

Metadata is data about data. It describes the conditions under which a recording was done, an experiment was performed. (The LabLog database does not store the data itself for this would require way too much space.) Metadata should be collected as soon and as automated as possible. We are currently working on a format and vocabulary that allows to exchange metadata between RELACS and LabLog (see Metadata section).


The LabLog is meant to ease the management of scientific data in several respects.

  1. Assisting the scientist currently working on a project to keep track of the recorded data. For example by offering the opportunity to group and filter for a certain subset of data (e.g. data recorded of a certain cell type, using certain hardware etc.),
  2. Storing project related information in a central (laboratory) database making the information directly available for possible succesors.
  3. Sharing of data with collaborators is easier if all the necessary meta-information can be easily retreived.

LabLog originates in the neurosciences and thus is to some extend tailored to the needs and characteristics of projects in this context (this will change to a more open style in the future).

LabLog is under development and currently in use in two neuroscience departments. If you're interested: some information is avaiable on these sites and the sources can be found in the svn repository on the project sites hosted by Sourceforge or contact me <grewe'at'>.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 January 2010 20:43