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Download and Installation

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LabLog is under development and still unfinished in many respects. But, however, there is a stable version which can be downloaded from the sourceforge site. The source files can be found in the subversion repository on sourceforge. Please follow the link on the left..


There is not much needed to run the LabLog:

  1. the mySQL server (at Version 5.0;
  2. The Java Runtime Environment (Version 1.6 or higher;
  3. The sql-script (LabLogClean.sql)for creating a new, clean, database (
  4. The LabLog.jar (


Java should already be running on your system otherwise download the latest version. Then you need a mySQL server running on your local computer or your lab's server. After installation the database root user (not necessarily the system root) has to execute the sql-script to create a new database. Executing the LabLog.jar file should enable you to connect to the database. For details see FAQ->Administration->Installation and configuration.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 06 January 2010 21:05