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About the LabLog

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About the LabLog:

Developing LabLog started in Fall 2007 during my time at the Department for Neurobiology at Bielefeld University. At first just to keep track of acquired data and soon it grew to be a tool to document a project right from the beginning. It is based on a mySQL database and was always meant to be platform independent thus it is programmed in Java.

Moving to Munich and joining the group of Jan Benda, the developer of the RELACS project, lead to efforts to bring our two tools together. This, however, required the development of a common language to transfer metadata from the recording tool to the database... This is not yet finished and the LabLog is currently extended to import dataset information directly from XML-files as written by RELACS. The odML- format which we use for this is under development and which will be soon publicly available.

Presentations of the LabLog on scientific meetings confirmed that the problem of rather individual styles of project documentation is widespread which sometimes results is serious probelms when one tries to find/understand data that was recorded some time ago.

In fall 2008, LabLog was registered at Sourceforge to, in principle, make it publicly available. It is still under development (and will be further developed) and there is no real version 1.0. There is, however, a working version released which is avaiable via Sourceforge. LabLog is open source and the source code can be found in the svn-repository on Sourceforge.


Jan Grewe

Adrian Stoewer


Many thanks to:

Jens Lindemann, Norbert Boedekker, Patrick Henning & Jan Benda for lots of discussion and advice

Christian Spalthoff for creating the icons and the logo

Laura Dittmar & Christian Spalthoff for lots of testing, critiques and suggestions

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 March 2010 21:18